VP officially launched long-term research project on Pastoralist Climate Change Resilience In Somaliland.


The Vice President of Somaliland H.E Abdirahman Ismail Abdilahi Sayli’i yesterday officially launched Pastoralist Climate Change Resilience (PACCS) to be implemented in Somaliland over the next five years by a consortium of SOARDI, University of Hargeisa, University of Nairobi, Roskilde University and DIIS institute, with relevant stakeholders in Somaliland. The event was participated by the Minister of Environment, Director General of the Planning Ministry, Chairman of National Disaster Preparedness and Reserves, the Mayor of Hargeisa, chancellors of Hargeisa and Buroa universities, representatives from Somaliland Development Fund, IGAD project in Somaliland, relevant UN agencies (FAO & UNDP), INGOs (Oxfam, WHH, Concern, Action Aid & others) and other stakeholders. The PACCS projects is spearheaded by Social Research and Development Institute (SORADI) and university of Hargeisa in Somaliland.

Dr. Mohamed Osman Fadal, who is one of the founders of the SORADI, talked about PACCS Project. Dr. Fadal said: “The Project is expected to last for five years and is one of the longest running projects in Somaliland. The project is funded by foreign ministry of Denmark through DANIDA and will be led by Dr. Louise Wiuff Moe, who has extensive knowledge and research in Somaliland. The project is designed to build resilience to climate change particularly to pastoralists across Somaliland. He further introduced that Climate Change has impacted the lives of pastoralists across Somaliland as their livestock is facing threat from recurrent droughts and environmental degradation resulting from the climate change. Mr. Fadal also note that SORADI has been functioning in Somaliland since 2007 and participated in peace building efforts, followed by institutional building and democratization and now engaged on climate change which is a pressing issue to national development of living among them is PACCS projects.

Dr. Luis who spoke also highlighted the details of the project and its expected outcomes during its period of implementation. The Chancellors of Hargeisa and Buroa universities have also very much welcomed the project and emphasized its importance and relevance to the current prevailing situation in Somaliland. Likewise, UNDP and FAO seconded project’s significance and indicated their collaboration in areas of matual targets. Mayor of Hargeisa, Mr. Abdikarim said that our life, history and economy is dependent on the life of pastoralists and life of pastoralists are changing due to climate change, therefore the project come very right time and will fill an existing gap. Further, Somaliland National Disaster Preparedness and Food Reserves chairman and the Director General of the ministry of planning welcomed the project and projected its positive potential impacts on the livelihoods and development of Somalialnd, both promised to support the project.

The Minister of Environment Ms. Shukri Haji Ismail Bandare stressed that the climate change is pressing issue and needs urgent action to build country’s adaptation and resilience capacity to climate change and its resultant impacts, thus, regarded PACCS the most timely and relevant project to start in Somaliland.

Finally, The VP Mr. Abdirahman Abdilahi Ismail Sayli’i talked about the significance of the research project for the life. He called on Somaliland public to unite when it comes to development. Sayli’i thanked to SORADI and other consortium members for bringing PACCS project to Somaliland. He also acknowledged to Denmark for financing such critical project and committed government support to the success of the project.




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