Uk Government Reveals Her Cooperation Agenda With Somaliland And Her Policy On Sovereignty



Britain minister of state of commonwealth affairs Mrs.Harriet Baldwin has stated that her government works with Somaliland in many spheres of development including the peace of the Horn of Africa region. She said

this during a meeting with the president of Somaliland Mr.Musa Bihi Abdi. However concerning Somaliland independence Mrs.Baldwin said that the matter of Somaliland’s self-determination concerns the Somali

people they should talk pus the countries in the region.

A member of the British Parliament from Labour party Hon. Jim Cunningham asked Mrs.Baldwin what she talked with Somaliland president concerning the peace of the Horn of Africa and the independence of Somaliland as a

sovereign state.

Mrs.Baldwin answered “During my October 7th meeting with president Bihi we discussed the importance of strengthening Somaliland’s security forces ability to fight back against terrorist groups and the general security of the Horn region as a whole.”

About Somaliland independence recognition Mrs.Baldwin said that the Somalis should reach amicable agreement amongst themselves.


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