The state has drilled three hundred and seventy deep-water boreholes


By M.A. Egge

The government of Somaliland has implemented the largest number of water wells country-wide

The government of Somaliland under the leadership of H.E. Musa Bihi abdi has managed to implement the largest number of deep-water boreholes drilled country-wide in all regions, numbering 370.

All the drillings have been undertaken by the ministry of water development.

This is in tandem and line with the aspirations of the work of the Ministry of Water Development thus in order to ensure that the needs of clean water are met hence every citizen has easy access to the commodity.

Apart from managing water resources and supplies, the ministry also sets the policy and standards for water issues, financing, monitoring the implementation of laws and regulations thereof hence and managing issues related to the prevention and control of water pollution, drilling wells and reservoirs for clean water in rural areas so that nomadic communities get access to sufficient clean water; management and maintenance of deep wells and other water sources outside large cities are part of the incumbencies and oner expected of them.

Establishing committees to take care of wells in villages and rural areas, to prevent the neglect of water wells, to establish statistics and record the number of water services in the country, for the herdsmen community to make watering points for live animals, so that people have access to water services are modus operands enshrined in the management of water.

Further feasibility studies, utilization and advanced technics are indispensable.

Based on the above, the Ministry of Water is constantly working to ensure that the communities has enough water in both rural and urban areas.

Hon. Ahmed Quule, a member of the Somaliland Senate, told the media that the Ministry of Water Development in Somaliland has achieved success in providing water to the community in all regions of Somaliland.

He said. “Somaliland consists of the six regions whereupon are three hundred and seventy water wells have been drilled”.

This move by the ministry to drill the largest number of wells in the regions of Somaliland is a step toward the development of water resource management and supplies, and it has contributed greatly for the good of the people and their livestock.


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