The Minister of Information requests the Senate to speed up approval of the election law



Minister of Information who happens to be government spokesperson Hon. Ali Hassan Mohamed called on the Senate to speed up the approval of the law of elections.

Minister Ali, who spoke to the media in his office said, “I am requesting the Senate house to speed up the approval of the electoral laws in view of the unity and solidarity of the Somaliland community”.

Hon.  Ali who sent a call to the international community and the people of Somaliland, said that the government should encourage the election processes to go on smoothly.

“Our message to the Senate is recommendations to speed up the electoral law”, he said.

He continued, “I am telling the people that the president supports the election process, which proves how he sent the traditional elders recommendation to the parliament within three days; such underscored the importance that the Head of State put in the need to address the matter”.

“We have other work to do, such as national defense, unity, and solidarity and as such we ought to work together”, he underpinned.


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