The military is within their country doing their national obligations, says Major General Tani


As National Armed Forces Commemorate 29th Anniversary since its inception


The Chief of Defense Forces Major General Nuh Ismail Tani said that the National Armed forces in the region are within their country and would not leave the vicinity since it has national obligations.

The top commander stated the fact as he gave a speech on the occasion of the 29th annual commemoration of the establishment of the national army which was held for the first time in the city of Laasanood.

He recalled that the historical national conference in Borama in 1993 was held to establish the second administration government of Somaliland that saw the late president Mohamed Ibrahim Egal take the helm of leadership while deputized by H.E. Abdirahman Aw Ali Farah and the current Head of State H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi became the Minister of Interior.

It is thus the government started establishing the national army to protect the security of the country since there were only militias by then and security order had to be set.

“In 1994, an army of five hundred was established, consisting of all the clans of Somaliland, based on the quota share of the clans in the senate”, he said.

“The first battalion was established, then the second and gradually the sector fledged to where it is presently with efforts made to raise the quality of the army and training it constantly”, he added.

Commander Nuh said that the second goal of the government at the time was the expansion of public administration, and to bring security to all regions of the country.

While talking about the various pieces of training the National Army received in the last five years, he said that seven thousand soldiers graduated from different schools and joined the National Army.

He noted that the Harag-Wafi military academy has since seen 700 junior officers graduate while the Abdilahi Askar Officers College has so far trained five hundred officers.

Regarding training abroad, he said that there are thirty officers, including engineers and technicians, who would complete their training next year.

On the capacity of the National Army, he said that they have received two hundred and fifty new vehicles

Commander Nuh said that in consultation they have reformed five artillery units in the field, which are now working and serviceable, and that two artillery units have undergone repairs and are similarly working.

In terms of construction, he said that sixty-two new assorted buildings have been built, including hangars, offices, dormitories and others.

Commander Nuh said that the National Army has made a lot of progress in recent times, and their duties are not limited to defending the borders of the country, but they also participate in social welfare services when called upon.

In the field of sports, the military has been highly excelling given that in the latest national championships, they triumphantly bagged both top and runners-up positions in soccer and also won the basketball trophy.


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