The arrest of a Djiboutian Citizen in Gebilay Arreh Suleyman Awled Arreh


Press release                                                                             21/05/2022

Aare is a social activist who lives in the city of Gebilay, a Djiboutian national for four years. He is a social activist whose primary work elucidates the problems in Djibouti at the hands of the president of Djbouti, Ismail Omar Geele.

His work highlights socio-political issues of the Djiboutian government, specifically human rights issues in the country. Human Rights Center was able to get in contact with his family and can report that he was arrested without proper procedure and without a warrant as indicated in Somaliland constitution, nor charges that he is accused of.

HRC is concerned the previous history where Somaliland government handed over to the Djiboutian government a Somaliland citizen on 2014, will repeat itself here.

We are requesting that the same actions are not applicable to this case and are requesting the government to follow the constitution, specifically article 35(3) which states “The Republic of Somaliland may extradite to their countries convicted or accused foreigners if there is a treaty between the Republic of Somaliland and the country requesting their extradition.”

We have reason to be concerned as Abdullahi Sheik Abdirahman Ibrahim is still in prison in Djibouti presently. Therefore, we are urgently requesting that Somaliland authorities follow proper procedure in a fair and justified way and be reminded that Somaliland government does not have any treaty with Djibouti in place regarding accused citizens.

It will be morally unethical if the Somaliland government hands over Aareh Suleyman Awled Arreh.  The center would like to request his immediate release and freedom.

Yasmin Omar H. Mohamoud

The Chairperson of Human Rights Center


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