The armed forces says ‘enough is enough’ as ceasefire is repeatedly flouted


We will now appropriately deal with the invasion as justified, says the national armed forces spokesman

Somaliland military Chief Operations Commander who is also the national armed forces official spokesperson Brigadier General Abdi Abdillahi Hassan (Abdideere) has said that enough is enough and that the armed forces will no longer sit back in defensive mode and  bare themselves to perpetual attacks from the allied militia who have converged at Las Anod from foreign lands.

The conviction comes at a time that, for the umpteenth time, their Gocha’ade base has once again been attacked.

Speaking to press after the Sunday attacks, Brig Gen Abdideere said that the national army has, again, been able to successfully repulse the offensive.

He stated that from now henceforth the military forces will no longer sit back but engage in positive military tactical operations to get rid of the incursions subjected to Las Anod and Sool region at large, and expel the invaders.

He stressed the fact that Puntland militia and terrorist groups invaded Somaliland and the army always repulsed them while being glued to their bases owing to the unilateral ceasefire that country declared hence they adhered to whereas the invaders repeatedly flouted it., how they defended themselves and the defeat they inflicted.

He said that military measures to comprehensively address the matter will have to be applied.

“We clearly state that the Al-Shabaab terrorist group is fighting in the city of Las Anod and we will force them out hence free the country from their invasion”, he said.

He said that the successfully the latest onslaught by the invaders who attacked their base at 9 am on Sunday. He asserted the fact that those amongst the allied militia were the Puntland Special Forces (PSF) who came all the way from Boosaso and were actively engaged in the protracted war.

He said that the Las Anod and Sool residents were indeed Somalilanders who need to be direly cushioned against the invaders.


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