Somaliland: The corona guy fighting Covid-19 in Hargeisa



Armed with a microphone and small speaker, Suleiman Aden has been voluntary disseminating information on coronavirus across Somaliland capital Hargeisa.

He was caught up with at the heart of the capital imparting vital guidelines against the deadly novel coronavirus.

Suleiman who has worked as an outdoor advertiser says he has taken up himself to increase on Covid-19. Among the fact he propagates are essential information needed to curb the deadly disease as the country continues to record surge in the pandemic.

“His work is totally voluntary. I don’t receive any financial support from both the government and the non-governmental organization. It is an initiative that I have taken it upon myself to increase public awareness of the deadly virus. I warn the public on how deadly the disease to the human species.”

Somaliland has also recorded huge loses in different sectors as 1st July 2020.

In the re-opening, the country plans to introduce back daily commercial flight.

Reopening of schools, sporting activities, all borders as well as public gatherings.

The ministry of health development has cautioned the public to be worry of the disease, asking citizens to abide by the regulations of the ministry of health and that of the World Health Organization.

Suleiman, the corona guy fighting disinformation in Hargeisa says he is doing this voluntarily so he could be part of the fight against the virus.

Suleiman said: “I have never seen such a devastating disease in my entire life. My strategy is to enforce people to self-distancing from each other. I also teach about washing hands and where they can get reliable information on the pandemic. I also teach them the emergency number they can cal. My children are not leaving their houses. That is how serious I am about the virus.”

Somaliland has been lauded globally on how it dealt with the pandemic which has caused the devastating impact on many world super powers.

Efforts of men and women like Suleiman needs to be commended.


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