Somaliland: Registration of madrasas underway in Togdeer




By M.A. Egge

Registration of Islamic institution otherwise known as Madrasas is underway in Togdeer.

The exercise being carried out by the Religious and Endowment ministry is set to be done countrywide.

So far registering of the institutions which specialize in religious education and both intensive and extensive Quranic studies has already been completed in Marodijeh and Sahil regions.

The exercise is one which is supposed to unify the sector, according to the ministry’s director general Sh. Adam Abdillahi Abdalla. He expounded on the need of the sector having a common syllabus and curriculum.

He likewise pointed out the need of keeping tabs on the status, numbers, quality and associated data on the institution, its students and teachers search that knowledgeable graduates may be churned out through standardized education being imparted.

The DG was explaining the facts at a function to kick off the exercise that was graced by Togdeer governor, provincial leaders, and members of the clergy, proprietors and heads of the Islamic institutions in the region.

Prominent guests who spoke to the audience had good words for the new found apt working relationships between the ministry and the said institutions.


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