Somaliland: Rebels, Elders Agree on Cessation of Hostilities, Ceasefire to come into effect



By: Farrah Yusuf

Negotiators representing Somaliland government held talks with the rebel leader, Colonel Said Aare. The Colonel Said Aare himself confirmed that an agreement on cessation of hostilities was reached. The rebels and the elders have agreed a ceasefire as a first step towards ending the violence.

Maintianing peace and stability in the region so that his rebels and the defense forces from Somaliland won’t engage in armed conflict is also part of the accord. The defected Colonel from SL army has officially confirmed that he will commit to himself to the peace deal brokered by the elders. It is reported that elders that have been involved in the peace making have split into two. The Colonel has accused that certain individuals will be held liable if the peace accord terms won’t be implemented as far as the talks are concerned. Puntland gave a military base to the deserted Colonel from Somaliland national army and was stationed there for quite some time. The defection of the Colonel from the army is linked to his grievances which were not addressed by the gov of Somaliland. It is also blamed that he was part of the Eil Afwein inter clan animosity which is still raging for many years despite the failure of previous administrations to end the lingering skirmishes between the brethren communities. Mr. Aare sent his condolences to the people who were killed in Eil Afwein and hoped for the speedy recovery for those who were injured in the attack.





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