Somaliland: Public school instructors stage protest over unpaid allowances




HARGEISA– Group of primary school teachers have staged peaceful demonstration in front of the presidential mansion on Wednesday after their training allowances misappropriated. Mercy Corps, an international aid organization based in Somaliland allocated the allowances via the ministry of education. The rowdy teachers who were furious over the misappropriated allowances accused the ministry of education particularly the director general by diverting the allowances. The teachers were told that they were supposed to earn 15 dollars but later discovered that they will earn 1 dollar per day as their allowances. They have allegedly said that the DG is responsible for the missing allowances as they said that he put the 14 dollar allowances into his pocket. The teachers said that they attended the training for the last 12 days. Mercy Corps, an International aid agency assists the ministry of education by either training the public teachers or furnishing the schools. The ministry of education has not so far spoken of the teachers unpaid allowances.


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