Somaliland: FM Meets with KSA ambassador to Kenya, discusses livestock export to Saudi Arabia



The FM of Somaliland, Mr. Yasin Faraton, on official working visit to the republic of Kenya held high level talks with Kingdom of Saudi Arabian ambassador to Kenya, Dr. Mohamed Khayat yesterday in Nairobi.

The two sides discussed on Saudi Arabia’s new conditions on livestock from Somaliland exported to the KSA on the Hajj time.

The FM and KSA ambassador also talked about ways to review the existing bilateral relations between the two nations.

The Somalian Federal Gov has taken its diplomatic leverage to strangle Somaliland’s economy by telling Suadi Arabi to impose on accepting livestock with medical certifications issued from Mogadishu.

This has sparked an outcry from Somaliland and its officials by reaching a decision with livestock traders to halt the export this year.

According to reports coming from the port city of Berbera has confirmed that KSA will only accept livestock exported from Somaliland rather than the rest of Somalia ports.

The KSA has rescinded its earlier decision which gave the authority of livestock export to Somalian Federal Gov.


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