Somalia traditional leaders come to the country as peace emissaries


A delegation of traditional leaders from Somalia jetted into the country on Tuesday, 25th April 25, 2023 and were received at the airport upon arrival by their hosts, fellow traditional leaders.

The traditional leaders from Somalia noted that they were peace emissaries who took it upon themselves to seek ways and means of ending the conflict in Las Anod.

They pointed out that during their staying in embarking their mission, they will hold extensive consultations with their local colleagues and all who matter in achieving their aims and objective of seeing to it that the conflict that has claimed lives is put to a stop.

Sultan Hassan Sultan Abdirahman told the media about the purpose of the visit of the traditional leaders of Somalia noting that they were indeed expecting them after the Idd ul Fitr celebrations, which has just been observed last week Friday.

“We welcomed the traditional leaders from Somalia led by Ugas Mohamud Ali Ugas and his delegation to the capital of Somaliland, as they are the peace emissaries who came recently to Las Anod on the same issue.

Parliamentarian Hon. Qassim Adan Suleiman, a member of the House of Representatives elected from the Sool region, who spoke about the arrival of the traditional leaders, said that they have committed themselves to the peace efforts of Las Anod conflict, and that they had already visited Las Anod City earlier.

He explained however that they came as per the traditional cultural etiquette, came as traditional leaders to their colleagues, received by them and would be consulting together as per tenets.

He hoped that the collective efforts of the traditional leaders would bear fruits.

It is worth noting that the government has repeatedly called for dialogue to address the matter and has repeatedly urged the Sool traditional leaders to parley in dialogues with their colleagues for amicable peaceful resolutions.


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