SL Police Urge Civilians to register small & light arms.



SL Police Force are urging locals with small and light private arms to begin the process of marking and registration at the small and light arms office at the ministry of interior.

The police force said that locals will have adequate information from the small and light arms office and tips on how to keep the arms at safe hands.

At the same time the police force also sent a message addressed to the families in a bid to remain safe from the risks arising from arms that are kept in residential places.

Police further stated that the justice system along with SL police force have what it takes to ensure your ensure your safety and well being as well as your life.

It is notified that keeping small and light arms will create death and injury.

The police urged spouses particularly the parents will be responsible for the safety of their children living with their homes.

It is advised that parents should not leave the small arms and light weapons in their residences which will put the kids in a harms way.

Police are due to begin marking and registration exercise of small and light arms which locals keep at their residences.

The civilian arms registration drive is intended to register light arms and provide licenses in a bid to prevent the arms to be used for conducting crimes.


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