Re-assessment of national emergency measures introduced to combat and prevent the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic in Somaliland



Ref. 0110/S & CO/Covid19 /comm./6/2020 

Date: 25.06.2020 

The Somaliland National Emergency Preparedness & Response Committee for the COVID19 pandemic, which is lead and chaired by the Vice President; his Excellency Abdirahman Abdillahi Ismail (Saylici); has introduced a wide raging and far reaching emergency national measures in order to control and prevent the spread of the Corona virus pandemic. The measures introduced by the COVID 19 National Committee has restricted social gathering and limited freedom of movement and impeded the economic activities of citizens, businesses and services provisions across the country. Similarly, the measures imposed by the National Committee also halted completely all aviation travel, sea travel and transborder travel from regional neighbouring countries coming from or going out of Somaliland. Similarly, the closure, of educational institutions caused challenges in the following areas: Access to Education, quality of education, exam presence and governance 

In this regard

The National COVID19 Committee having considered the grave and prevalent risks still posed by the Coronavirus disease which continues to spread within the community despite the utmost efforts and personal sacrifices of every citizen to help the government curve and control the spread of the Corona virus in Somaliland

The National COVID19 Committee having given serious consideration to reducing the severe limitations placed on the civil liberties and socio freedoms of our citizens which have persevered and curbed their liberties during this pandemic

The National COVID19 Committee having seriously considered the detrimental socio economic impact the strict restriction has induced on the lives and livelihoods of our citizens and indeed our national economy

The National COVID19 Committee having seriously considered the closure of schools, colleges and universities not only interrupts the teaching for students but also coincides with a key assessment period and many exams have been postponed or cancelled and this can can have harmful longterm consequences








The National COVID19 Committee having now fully considered all of the abovementioned implications and verily considered the severe impacts and threats posed by the Corona virus pandemic to our nation

Accordingly, the National COVID19 Committee now considers it imperative and urgent to reassess and review thoroughly the widereaching emergency measures and restrictions previously introduced to curve the spread and protect the nation from the Coronavirus pandemic

Subsequently, the committee is now prudent to respectfully share with citizens, domestic and international COVID19 stakeholders and also all other parties concerned the new recommendation arising from the reassessment and reevaluation all the previously by the National COVID19 Committee imposed emergency Coronavirus prevention restrictive measures

Henceforth, the National COVID19 Committee duly notifies Somaliland citizens and all those concerned the following new national directives

  1. 1. Commencing from 30/06/2020, the National Committee hereby completely lifts and 

withdraws all COVID19 emergency prevention measures and restrictions previously placed on public commercial services and all economic trade activities in Somaliland; i.e. this directive extends to educational institutions, all national trade services, hotels, markets and transportation services, etc. However, the National COVID19 Committee also duly urges and informs Somaliland citizens and all those concerned to enforce and adhere to the public protection protocols and service access basic requirements introduced by the government of Somaliland in order to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus within the community

  1. 2. Commencing from 30/06/2020, the national committee lifts all restriction previously 

placed on national aviation services; including all flights and passengers arriving or departing from national airports in Somaliland. Accordingly, the national committee also hereby lifts all restriction previously_placed on regional transborder travel including restrictions placed at border entry points at both land and sea entry points. However, the national committee also urges all those concerned to adhere to and enforce the public protection and service access requirements still in place to prevent the spread of the COVID19 virus

  1. 3. The National Committee hereby finally notifies all travellers arriving from international 

countries planning to travel to Somaliland airports; will be required to undergo a medical test in the country they are travelling from which must be presented with a negative COVID19 test certificate upon arrival at Somaliland point of entries (air, land and sea). Accordingly, the negative test certificate must be valid within four days period of the planned arrival date at Somaliland border point of entries. The National Committee hereby informs those travellers without the negative COVID19 test 








certificate will not be permitted automatically to enter Somaliland and thus will be placed into Mandatory Quarantine, which the traveller will be required to pay all the related expenses during the quarantine period

  1. 4. The preventive and protective protocols still actively in place to control the spread of the 

Coronavirus disease are critical directives introduced by the National COVID19 Response and Coordination Committee has the legal and implementing powers; thus, any violations of the directives will be fully prosecuted under national laws by the relevant national law enforcement agencies

NB: all the new COVID19 preventive protocols will be published on social media platforms, newspapers, magazines, websites and are available at Somaliland border point of entries




Hussein Adan Igeh (Deyr) Secretary General 

Somaliland National Emergency Preparedness & Response Committee



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