Ragtag militia and terrorist groups violate the ceasefire


Ragtag militia and terrorist groups launched a large-scale attack using heavy weapons of various types on the National Army of the Republic of Somaliland’s bases in Las’anod on Saturday, directly violating the ceasefire yet again.

The National Army of the Republic of Somaliland continues to adhere to the ceasefire and defended itself against the attacks, fending them. The responsibility for this attack falls on the many-faceted groups, including the anti-peace and terrorists who use Las’anod and the people of Las’anod as fortresses.

The Operations Commander of the National Army Brigadier General Abdirahman Hassan (Abdidere) said that the National Army has the full power to defend itself or to fight, but it still has a sense of compassion and is retraining itself; but anti-peace and terrorist groups launched an attack on the seventh division of the national army, which is commanded by Brigadier General Mahad Anbaashe.

The attack they launched on the seventh part of the national army was able to defend itself, and the terrorist army suffered a major defeat.

The commander of the national army operations said that the national army has not engaged in battles yet but are in their camps owing to the ceasefire order; it is the militias who are on the offensive.

He said, “We believe that they are pushing for other political motives, which al-Shabaab is a part of, Puntland is also a part of, its army is there, and we have the evidence”.

He continued, “The national army always remains at their camps while implementing the ceasefire order announced by the government and ending with dialogue. However, the warring army where the terrorist group al-Shabaab is behind have not yet implemented a cease-fire”.


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