President Names registration Committee for new political associations



Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi has named seven members new committee to register political parties, as the country hopes for elections this year.

According to a press release issued from the presidency stated that the selection was based on their individual Knowledge, ability and experience ,expressing confidence that they are able to assume the responsibilities arising from their capacity.

The committee members include: Mohamud Ahmed Obsiye, Said Mohamed Elmi , Muhyaddin Yusuf Ibrahim, Adan Gedi Qayaad, Abdalle Ibrahim Mohamed , Mukhtar Abdi Jama , Mohamed Hassan Abdi Badde

There is a political tension in the country as the opposition parties UCID and Wadani arguing that the presidential election should be held on time, and that the government be committed to opening political parties.

The appointment of the Somaliland Political parties and Associations Registration Committee comes at a time when the dispute has not been settled..
The new members will be presented to the Somaliland House of Representatives for approval, and will be sworn in by the Supreme Court.


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