President Calls on Cessation of Fadhi-gaab hostilities, urges public to comply with doctors’ guidelines



Somaliland President Musa Bihi Abdi called for an immediate cessation of inter-clan hostilities in Fadhi-gaab area of Sanaag province.

In an address to the state on Sunday, President Bihi has urged all the warring parties in El Afweyn area of Sanaag region to law down their arms as this is not the time to engage skirmishes.

Bihi said, “I call upon the immediate cessation of hostilities. The fasting month of Ramadan is about to begin. We have been blessed with prosperity and rain by Allah. The world is tackling with Covid-19 pandemic. Today it is the time to unite and cooperate. It is not the time to fire bullets.”

President Bihi has appealed to the local traditional elders to end the animosity.

He said that the populace, the government, scholars, intellectuals and the elite spent a lot of time in resolving El Afweyn recurring feuds.

He revealed that the conflict has been resolved on several times but it is unfortunate that the feuds have renewed.

The President, Bihi, has called on the public the best way to prevent Covid-19.

He advised that the public must observe social distancing and comply with the doctor’s guidelines.

President Bihi has called on the public to remain indoors and worship in their residential houses.

He told to stay away from mosques and congregations.

Religious clerics defied a directive issued by the Committee responsible for the prevention of Covid-19 stating that mosques be closed.

He announced that the government has set up Covid-19 Response Fund Initiative and the funds will be used to curb the spread of Covid-19 in Somaliland.

He declared that the government donated 3, 000, 000 US dollars allocated for the prevention of Covid-19 pandemic.

He called on all walks of life to donate funds.


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