PM adamant to take in charge of security as talks on the brink of collapse


Somalia’s PM Mohamed Husein Roble has insisted on taking over security, in an attempt to prevent from the President’s alleged use of armed forces  to undermine ongoing elections or manipulate the electoral process.

The Presidents of Southwest, Galmudug and Hirshabelle states, and the governor of Banadir region- key allies of the outgoing president walked out of the meeting of the National Consultative Council in Mogadishu on Thursday over a proposed takeover of the security by the PM.

Southwest President, Abdiasis Laftagaren, who had accepted to participate the meeting following int’l pressure, threatened to walk away from the talks if a discussion on Role’s attempt ro take full charge of the security was to continue.

He has won the backing of three regional leaders, who are allied to the outgoing president Farmajo.

Gov’t spokesman Mohamed Ibrahim Mo’alimuu said strong debates were underway and dismissed claims suggesting the breakdown of the talks.

There were reports that indicates the collapse of the meeting which entered its fourth day on Thursday.

Roble argued that he would be capable of holding polls on schedule and in a manner agreeable to all sides unless he is fully in charge of the security of the country.

The PM’s suggestion was supported by Jubaland and Puntland leaders together with opposition groups who have expressed concern that the outgoing president will not stop meeting in the polls if Farmajo is in charge of the security ahead of the presidential polls.

“Considering the events of 24 April and 27 Dec 2021, the prime minister and the council of ministers must take full charge of the country’s security,” the leader of Wadajir opposition party Abdirahman Abdishakur tweeted on Thursday.

“And in accordance with the constitution, the prime minister and his cabinet must ensure the armed forces stay out of politics.”


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