Las Anod elders and intellectual fraternity say terrorist threats are real


Las Anod elders and intellectual fraternity Las Anod elders and intellectual fraternity have warned against the threat of terrorism which they described as a reality.

They also decried the war on the peace on Somaliland and called for joint efforts to prevent it.

This follows the spate of the deaths that have just unfolded following a group of terrorists who succumbed to explosions from improvised devices that they were trying to set up.

One of the elders who was lamented of the new development at the spot where the incident occurred called on the area residents to be vigilant against war organized and supported by foreign entities.

“There was an accident here, they were preparing to blow up the city of and some were to blow up the bridge. Is the man who is doing this a Muslim or a patriot?”, he posed.

He stated that the incident was a testimony to what the intellectuals were warning about that the war was organized from abroad.

“We believe that American and British Somalis were behind the insurgency wars being perpetrated”, he charged.

He called on the Las Anod community to reflect on the situation, and said, “I say to the community, that the war is not as you think, we have cautioned against it and told you before. Look at the problem, the killers are here amongst our own and this incident is a testimony”.


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