Jigjiga Varsity hosts 14th Annual Somali studies international association Congress



The Somali Studies Int’l organization has played a crucial role in defining the field of modern Somali studies since its inception in 1978. Jigjiga University this weekend hosted this 14th Annual Congress. Dr. Bashir said: ” We are hosting Somali Studies Int’l Conference. Actually this conference is the fourteen conference hosted.” The president of Jigjiga University Dr. Bashir Abdilahi said the University was happy to have hosted the Int’l conference.”

The Congress which commenced on Friday wrapped up on Sunday, 4th of July, saw the attendance of several notable figures including the Iron Lady of Somaliland Dr. Adna Aden Ismail. Among the many other scholars who got a chance to present their papers to the crowd. Dr. Bashir said: ” The scholars participated by you know presenting their papers related to historical background of Somalis and the politics, the livelihood specially the pastoralist livelihood of the Somali about the language and issues relating to economy.”

Dr. Bashir reiterated the significance of Somalis of being aware the many common interest related to their lives that they share and underscored the importance of understanding the issues relating to the generations to come.


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