Interior Minister urges the public should unite for the interest of the state


The government has promised to engage the opposition parties to solve any political impasse pertaining the holding of elections on time.

This was revealed by the minister of internal security Hon. Mohamed Kaahin Ahmed during the independence celebrations of 18 May 2022 which was held at the Presidency in Hargeisa.

He stated that the ruling party had once been in opposition hence the need to iron out differences in a sober minded way through dialogue.

The minister said, “We met the opposition leaders three days ago, they have different ideologies and views and that’s not a problem, we have the right of our opinions.”

He said that ruling party Kulmiye led by the President H.E Musa Bihi Abdi was ready to engage the opposition in talks. He stated that the government is merely following the constitution to register new political parties.

Minister Mohamed Kaahin reiterated the importance of respecting the country’s constitution. He said Somaliland people are known for addressing their differences through dialogue and consensus.


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