Interior Minister security Sends Circular to Mayors


Minister of Internal Security Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed has sent an official directive to all mayors in the country ordering them not to grant contract to tenders unless they are approved by the Somaliland National Tender Board like all government tenders.

The press statement which was shared with news outlets warned all mayors in the country that they are not allowed to issue contracts that have not been approved by the tender board.

The Minister also requested the local council finance department, the auditor general, accountant general and the Central Bank of Somaliland not to make payments on any project that has not been approved by the tender board.

Addressing journalists, the minister said, “According to powers vested in law number Lr.82/2018 and the provincial administration law Lr.Lr.2019 all government contracts should pass through the tender board.”

The minister requested the ministry of finance and all concerned government departments not to pay for projects that have not gone through the national committee for tenders.


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