Information Minister says Opposition strongly opposes Somaliland’s inclusivity


The Minister of Information, Culture and Awareness of the Republic of Somaliland, Hon. Suleiman Yusuf Ali Koore, said that the people who oppose the opening of political organizations do not want to see a Somaliland that is inclusive.

He said that they want to see “only three men from the same clan to be the leaders of the national parties, which is not inclusive, as communities of the edges are excluded”.

The Minister of Information has condemned the recent move by the Somaliland House of Representatives members that failed to approve two members from the marginal clans who were among the new members of the Somaliland Elections Commission.

He said that it never happened during Somaliland’s existence that the House of Representatives members to separate “central” clan members and other clans for rejection purposes.

The minister accused the opposition parties who have the majority in the House of Representatives are “responsible for this, and it is clear that the opposition parties aren’t for inclusivity as the government is”.

“The people who oppose the opening of the political organizations, want three men from the same family to sit at a round table alone whereas the main goal of opening the political organization is to build an inclusive nation,” said the minister.


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