Ex-Somali President Ali Mahdi Succumbs to Covid-19



Ex-Somali President Ali Mahdi passed away in Nairobi at the age of 82.

Mahdi was ill whilst in Nairobi after having reportedly contracted the novel Coronavirus.

Ali was the 4th President of Somalia. The United Somali Congress (USC) elected him as president on January 28, 1991 after its forces took control of Mogadishu and the rest of the country.

General Mohmed Farah Aided opposed Ali Mahdi’s appointment from day 1.

Factions that toppled Mohmed Said Barre from power met in Djibouti and elected Ali Mahdi as the president in July, 1991.

Abdikasim Salad Hasan who was elected in Arta’s Djibouti replaced Ali Mahdi in 2000.

Born in Addow-Uul near Adale district in Middle Shabelle region in 1935.

He joined the civilian parliament in 1969 prior to the coup.




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