Commendation Hargeisa Municipality Leadership Team- Eng. Ahmed Adare



The Local government Management team takes immense pride in recognizing and commending the outstanding road developments, as well as the efficient rainwater drainage systems and rubbish blockage clearance efforts, in the capital city. The visionary leadership and dedication efforts of the local Consulars have resulted in transformation changes, greatly improving the infrastructure, transportation network, and over all cleanliness of the city.  This article aims to highlight and celebrate these remarkable achievements, which have positive impact the live of residents and visitors alike

The Local Government has undertaken significant infrastructure upgrades, including road widening, resurfacing, and the construction of new roads. These improvements have not only enhanced the capacity and connectivity of our road network but also improved traffic flow, reducing congestion and travel times.

The installation of traffic calming measures, improved signage, and upgraded traffic signal systems have contributed to a safer road environment for all users. These measures have played a vital role in reducing accidents and ensuring the well-being of our residents and visitors.

Rainwater Drainage, recognizing the importance of mitigating flooding and waterlogging during heavy rainfalls, the city’s drainage infrastructure has been significantly upgraded. Improved stormwater management, including the construction of new drains, regular maintenance, and the implementation of modern techniques, has greatly reduced the risk of water-related issues and enhanced the city’s resilience to adverse weather conditions.

in addition to road developments and rainwater drainage, the local government has prioritized the efficient clearance of rubbish blockages. The implementation of waste management strategies, including regular garbage collection, prompt response to blockages, and the establishment of waste disposal facilities, has significantly improved the cleanliness and hygiene of the city. By ensuring the swift removal of blockages and maintaining clean streets, the local government has created a healthier and more pleasant environment for residents and visitors.

Finally, the support of the central Government, Lead by the president of Somaliland HE Muse Bihi Abdi and the commendable teamwork demonstrated by all elected consulars has been instrumental in the successful execution of road development projects, rainwater drainage systems, and rubbish blockage clearance initiatives in the capital city. Their unified vision, synergistic decision-making, central government effective resource allocation, stakeholder engagement, and commitment to continuous collaboration and evaluation have created a strong foundation for sustainable development and progress.


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