Amoud University: A Prestigious University of Higher Education in Horn of Africa



The great and famous Amoud valley which lies East of Boram city of Awdal region has hosted the first prestigious institution of higher education that country witnessed after the break of civil wars.

In the late of nineteenth, a group of Awdal’s diaspora arranged what seemed mysterious dream at the first initial stage due to difficult era which the country was faced in mid nineteenth. Yes it was critical situation in which most Somaliland community were experienced economical paralyses left by civil wars.  Within those critical periods a beacon of hope and joyous daybreak has emerged. The first educational higher institution of the country was born inside the same Amoud valley (which hosted earlier the prominent historic institution of Amoud secondary/agriculture school founded on 1952) to contribute peace and development through an effective education matters, which aims to empower knowledge towards young generation as “National asset” of this country.

Amoud University’s slogan “Vehicle for peace and development” stands for peace, development and integration, whereby Amoud accommodates all Somali students from different walks of life in the Horn of Africa.

Today Amoud University (AU) marked 21 years of its existence (as higher educational institution) with largest graduation ceremony of batch 17th.

Students has already lined up to catch the university buses wearing graduation suits almost with every color. During ceremony a large crowd almost Thousands of people including parents and friends were lined up in the vicinity of university to witness the graduation day of their beloved ones.

As I glanced the corners of city automobiles were travelling heavily, people were cheering, friends, relatives and comrades were wandering in big hotels in the city exchanging congrats. While some others were busy taking nice shots in beautiful background inside and around university with mix of beautiful landscapes of famous Amoud valley- Where acacia trees has real reflection on natural beauty.

The seats has already served and well arranged. Inside graduation hall student’s faces filled joyous feelings followed by unbreakable smiles.



It really very special day, but the climax gets high when Somaliland president Muse Bihi and his delegation has joined the event, President Bihi stated that his government has special concern ministries which have direct impact with people’s daily life “our primarily priorities include to empower the Ministry of Education and Health by selecting highly qualified staffs to upgrade the level of education and health delivery for the five years term”.

The president of Amoud University Suleiman Ahmed Gouleid (an Iconic persona and father of all) took the stage to deliver his yearly speech at graduation batch 17thprolonged applause could be heard as he pronounced his first words, his speech mainly focused encouragement and guidance to newly graduators, those came across all Somali spoken territory and beyond.  “Be good ambassadors of Amoud University wherever you are” professor Suleiman also stated “Today you have graduated to help community leave positive impact on the community, learn sacrifices to help poor and needy in the community” finally professor Suleiman addressed to graduators for taking the straight path which leads to happy end here after, saying:   “Never forget to fulfill the Allah’s commandment upon us”

In the evening of that fascinating day I sit-down in Rays hotel with Dean of postgraduate school of Amoud university Prof. Saed Habane, soon we began to digest the news of grand graduation ceremony, I asked Mr. Habaneh the number of graduators of current batch.

Mr. Habaneh told me, that graduator’s number were 847 students, 102 of them were postgraduate students with different master programs such as: Master of research and studies, Master of family doctor, Master of educational planning and so on.

Mr. Habaneh also sent his deepest and heartfelt congrats to all graduators saying:

I am very thrilled and over joyous that Amoud celebrates 21 years in service of quality education, in addition the largest graduation ceremony of batch 17th. Professor Habaneh also said “sometimes you’ve be like farmer who puts the seed into the soil and gets back the grain to harvest after hard work and dedication” here’s where produces tomorrow’s leaders of our nation” he added.

In conclusion to my piece of writing about (AU) let me also send to my deepest congratulation note to all graduators on aboard of ‘Vehicle for peace and development’.  Please never get tired chasing your dreams, and remember that all success lies beyond having deep concern spiritual meaning to the purpose of life, have good relation with your creator. At last success……at last success.


Mukhtar Abdurahman

Freelance writer, Translator, Columnist and researcher based in East Africa


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