9 political organizations are now legible to compete in official national parties elections


By M.A. Egge

Nine political organization has successfully passed the initial hurdle in seeking to become an official national political party. They will now be eligible to join the existing three political parties and compete in an election.

KULMIYE, WADDANI and UCID are existing official political parties, hence are not subjected to the process.

The top three to emerge will thus be the only official national parties with the mandate to operate for the next 10 years.

The phase entailed a rigorous electioneering process of establishing itself as an organization, going through inspections on adherence to the constitution, and ultimately, canvassing for one thousand persons’ endorsements in the six major administrative regions of the country.

The nine political organizations that have come successfully sailed through to the elections phase are Kaah, the People’s Party, Waaberi, Hillaac, Rejo, Barwaako, Mideeye, Ogaal and Horseed.

Other organizations in the fray such as Iftin, Talowadaag, Ubax, Daljir and Misaan, failed to get the desired number of endorsements from the six main electoral regions as per the constitution.

A statement issued yesterday by the Committee for the Registration of Political Organizations and the Approval of National parties pointed out the said 9 above were therefore entitled to participate in the elections of the National parties.


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