80 % of all perpetrators committing murders nabbed, says Minister


The Minister of Internal Affairs Hon. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed said that 80% of the murderers who have committed murders in the country have been apprehended.

He also revealed that the formulated customary laws of traditional leaders have already been finalized by the cabinet and will soon be forwarded to the legislative councils.

The minister gave the facts while he was briefing the permanent standing committee of the Upper House of the Parliament, the Guurti, on Sunday.

Hon. Kahin told the Elders that as a ministry there has always been diligence while working with the national elections bodies on election matters pointing out that the in the immediate past elections held in the country they deployed more than 12 thousand security personnel to help facilitate the exercise.

He noted that security officers were as per the requirements asked for by the electoral institutions country-wide in all polling stations and are drawn from the various commands.

He was welcomed by the  Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Elders council Hon. Dayib Hassan Ahmed.

Top of the fundamental priorities of the Guurti, as per the constitution, are matters pertaining to customary, religious and heritage aspects.


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