We will not tolerate anymore the disruption of public security, says Togdeer police chief



The Togdeer regional police commander Colonel Ali Mohamed Farah Gadayare has sternly warned against the breach of public security and the imperativeness of upholding stability saying that it would no longer be tolerated.

Col Ali has vowed that stern actions would be taken added that they will take action against those who disrupt security and will not tolerate them.

The police boss was speaking in the background of fatal skirmishes that has recurred in Ali Sahid area that has claimed casualties.

He said that it was incumbent upon him to see to it that public security is maintained and that he would not allow at all the trotting and brandishing of weaponry in public at all.

He called upon the residents to collaborate with the security apparatus in having a harmonious setting and peaceful stability.

“I am reminding everyone who lives in Togdeer region to stand up for security, it is the interest of the security people. I am the commander of the Togdheer Regional Police Department, I am sending a warning to anyone who is not part of the police force and the nation, who is not carrying a weapon while wearing a uniform. We have zero tolerance for anyone who disturbs security and carries a gun. The public should support the security forces and denounce anyone who disrupts security.”


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