Voter registration drive begin nation peacefully


Chairman of the National Elections Commission Hon. Muse Hassan Yusuf who held a press conference at the headquarters of KDQ said that the registration of voters started today in a safe manner throughout the country, and he called on the public to register.

The National Electoral Commission led the nation in efforts of readiness to embark on the exercises of registering potential voters countrywide. Whereas inducted teams were sent across the country earlier on, last-minute meetings were scrambled on Monday to get the exercise underway.

In various events held in the cities of Borama, Berbera, Burco, Lasaanood and Erigavo, preparatory meetings were held that saw the attendances of officials of the was attended by the representatives of the three official national parties and also those of the new political organizations.

The registration exercise itself will be open to members of the public on Wednesday 28th December 2023.

Various delegations sent by the government to the regions of the country are urging the public to fully participate in the registration of voters.

On the other hand, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission Mr. Musa Hassan Yusuf together with Commissioner Ahmed Yusuf and the Director General held a meeting today with the mayors of Hargeisa, Gebilay, Baligubadle and the two governors of Marodijeh and Hawd regions.

The meeting was held at the NEC headquarters concerning the preparations for voter registration in the larger Marodijex electoral region.


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