Somaliland: Telecommunication minister tests positive for the coronavirus



Telecommunication and Posts Minister, Abdiweli Sheikh Abdilahi Sufi, has been diagnosed with Coronavirus.

He is the second cabinet member to have publicly confirmed that he is Covid-19 positive after his blood was examined.

The minister said in a twitter post that he voluntarily examined his blood for the deadly novel coronavirus after he has suspected of having signs related to Covid-19.

Abdiweli added that the public well being is his first priority and is part of the ongoing efforts to contain the spread of the deadly Covid-19.

Investment Minister, Mohamed Ahmed Awad, also publicly announced that he has contracted the deadly Covid-19 but added that he is in a stable condition.

The Coronvirus spread is on the increase in Somaliland which does not have a robust healthcare system in place.

The country does not have enough capital to upgrade its healthcare despite little aid channeled via the international agencies currently operating in the country.





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