Somaliland Restores the Printing of Government Documents to the National Printing Agency


The ministry of finance has cancelled the publication of government document by a private printing house, and has instead returned the responsibility to the government printer. This is according to a ministerial circular circulated to local media outlets.

The printing had hijacked by some people and had been in the wrong hands for some time. Many sensitive government documents had been forged by condmen thus denying the state the much needed revenue.s

The following are the content of the directive:-

  1. An agreement to print government documents which have monetary value signed on 1/7/2014, 1/1/2016 and 15/11/2016 which awarded Somaliland ID Card Publishers contract to print drivers license, Sahal Global Solution the contract to print road licenses and Global Tech Solution the contract to print vehicles log book have been revoked.
  2. The contract to print Somaliland passport awarded to Horn African Facility Management will not be renewed after the lapse of their contract. The printing of tax stickers by Moonlight Company has also been suspended and all the work they used to do for the state will be taken by the government printers.
  3. All responsibility to printing of documents that have money value on them should be immediately returned to the government printer. Most importantly the equipment used to print the vehicles log books (GTS) and the one used to print drivers licenses (SICP) is the property of the state.
  4. The assistant minister of ministry of finance, the director general ministry of finance, director general ministry of public works and housing and the managing director of the government printers should bring the right valuation of the assets invested by Somaliland ID Publishers (SICP), Sahal Global Solutions (SGS) and Global Tech Solutions (GTS).
  5. The concerned ministries and government departments concerned should make sure the decree has been implemented without delay.



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