Somaliland: Ministry of Education to conduct Audit exercise on its properties



Somaliland Legislator’s Monitoring Committee met with the officials at the education ministry.

The two sides have held discussions on how the education ministry will conduct the drive of registering the national properties that it administers.

After the two sides wrapped up the meeting, the chairman of Somaliland’s legislator monitoring committee, Saed Elmi Siradle spoke to the press.

He confirmed that his team and the education ministry officials have talked about crucial issues pertaining the process of the education ministry will register the national assets that it serves for the public.

Saed Elmi Siradle has cited the process of recording the national properties of the education ministry has already commenced and is underway.

He also said that his team is assessing a report submitted by the auditor general.

Somaliland government has been recording government properties acquired legal or illegal grabbed land.

This has forced many families to leave their home although the government has relocated some of them to other places.



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