Somaliland Marks Youth National Day



Somaliland commemorates its National Youth Day which is marked on the 20th February every year.

Somaliland’s Vice President, Abdirahman Sayli’i has attended the commemoration ceremony of the Youth Day.

He stressed the significance of holistic approach in promoting youth, community participation and furthering the notion of youth as agents of change being one of the key aspects of the youth policy in Somaliland government.

Somaliland youth is said to be 70 percent and makes the largest population in the country and yet faced with so many challenges such as high rates of poverty, unemployment leading to banking on external sources such as remittances.

The commemoration featured strong commitments to Somaliland youth.

Promises have been made to strengthen youth participation in decision making of the country, breaching gaps between the youth and creating more opportunities for the youth.

SL National Youth Day previously known as UFFO Day originated from the day which dates back to the historical stone throwing events commonly dubbed as Dhagah Tuur which was against the former regime of Somalia Mohmed Siad Bare which took place in 1982.

This was held in honor of youth from the past, the present and future generations to come.


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