Somaliland: Health ministry receives laboratory device from WHO to diagnose Covid-19



Somaliland ministry of health has announced on Sunday that it has received Laboratory facility for Covid-19 virus testing which the World Health Organization (WHO) has donated to Somaliland which will be used to diagnose coronavirus cases in the country.

It is reported that the laboratory device could test up to 40 samples per hour. It can test up to 500 per 12 hours.

Samples from people suspected of showing Covid 19 related signs used to be sent to Nairobi, and had to wait for weeks to get the results.

The minister responsible for health, Omar Abdilahi Bade has said that staffers who will be operating the brand new lab device for testing Covid 19 will start in the days to come.

WHO sent an Ethiopian expert with the facility and will provide the training to Somaliland special staffers.

The new device which was badly needed by Somaliland government will be used to enhance the capacity of Somaliland’s health sector and will provide the capability to conduct laboratory tests to detect cases suspected of being infected with the new Covid-19


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