Somaliland: Deputy Minister for Transport Embarks on Working Visit to Dhahar



DHAHAR– The deputy minister responsible for transport and road development leading a delegation reached Dhahar township yesterday on working visit. Mr. Sahal Mohamed Jama and his accompanying delegates received warm reception from Dhahar residents in Sanaag region. The minister lifted up the spirits of local residents who were yearning for development projects from Somaliland gov to implement in their district.

Being the first visit embarked by an official in the gov and hailing from the township received a cordial welcome where residents showed up in the vicinity to cordially greet the  minister and his entourage. Speaking to hundreds of local residents, the deputy minister, Mr. Sahal, passed a warm greeting from the Head of State of Somaliland. The minister reiterated that he does not want to bring war and bloodshed to the community. He pledged that several development projects with the benefit of locals will be implemented. The minister said that he came to be a fact finding mission and to assess the needs of the community. He said that there are individuals from the community who lead the locals to bloodshed while we bring peace and development to the district and you are the ones who will make the judgment. He sent a message to Puntland officials that we, the Dhahar community that we observe peace.


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