Somaliland and France are cooperating on drought relief, says Ambassador Ali


High-level visits, and close cooperation with security agencies included

Ambassador Ali Ismail Hassan said the French Foreign Ministry accredits him as an envoy representing the Republic of Somaliland, with full diplomatic immunity, similar to foreign ambassadors based in Paris.

He said that the first priority of the latest diplomats of the Republic of Somaliland meeting in Berbera is a tradition akin to those in other countries for instance France who summon their own for appraisal consultative forums every year.

The other agendas are left to the state via the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, he added.

Ambassador Ali Ismail Hassan in an interview with Horyaal 24 television on Thursday had the excerpts of the question and responses were as follows:-

When asked about the impact of the Russia-Ukraine war on the world and our country he said it would affect European countries and us (Somaliland), as the food we eat is imported,

The Republic of Somaliland is not a recognized state, how is the interaction between you and the country you represent France, and relationship that your office shares with its counterparts in other countries, when asked, Ambassador Ali replied French Foreign Ministry deals with him as an ambassador representing the Republic of Somaliland, with full diplomatic immunity, and similar to foreign ambassadors based in Paris.

Every meeting organized by the French Foreign Ministry or organized by other government agencies both inside and outside France, are invited to me and share cordial relationship.

Speaking about his priorities with French governments both governmental and private sectors, he replied, “my priorities on the development of Somaliland and its recognition.

“I work on strengthen ties between the two countries. There are many plans such as drought support, Somaliland and France high-level visits, forging close cooperation between the security agencies, whose information will be known to the public in due course, but I will not comment here”, he informed reporter Mohamud Walaleye who sought for more details on Friday.

“No, we have good cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. I am a long-serving Ambassador who understands my responsibilities, when asked some diplomats complain about their co-operation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in terms of communications, if he faces similar obstacles”, he noted.

Asked for his advice, Ambassador Ali said he is advising the country’s media, and others, “to guard their microphones or pen against broadcasting or propagating tribalism news, as they are issues that do not support the country’s developments”.


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