Solution will be found soon to the problem of inflation in the country, pledges the President



The President has inaugurated 130 buildings extensions that have been added to the educational facilities of the country.

The President of the Republic H.E. Musa Bihi Abdi participated in the ribbon cutting ceremony of the buildings added to the educational schools held at the premises of the Ministry of Education and Science headquarters.

Prior to the head of state’s address, introductory speeches emphasizing on the importance of education and the need for the additional buildings were made by the ministers o education and finance the honourables Ahmed Mohamed Diriye and Dr. Sa‘ad Ali Shire respectively, the education Director General, Mr. Abdirisaaq Jama Noor (Nakhude), the Chairman of the Higher Education Commission, Prof. Suleiman Dirir Abdi, and a lady official who spoke on behalf of agencies that support the education sector.

The President praised the beautiful process presented of the summarized sample representation of the whole set-up of the contents of the buildings.

The President hailed the ministry for the implementation of the new buildings and the encouragement of handicrafts technology. He noted the positive trend that the education sector was propelling especially as to focusing on technical based professions rather than the theoretical arts.

” 150 Professional students have gone to study abroad in recent times, including Master, Degree, Diploma, have majored in technical sectors whose skills are direly needed in the nation’s workforce such as livestock and agricultural productions, construction and services based apprenticeship”, said the President.

As for the new buildings extensions being launched, he revealed that it cost 6.5 m USD, with the government footing the majority 4.5m USD of the total cost.

He described it as a big achievement hence hoped that the trend of such progressiveness will continue in the future.

He praised the teachers and associated staffers in the sector terming their services as selfless and indispensable.

The President said that the government acknowledges the inflation that has hit the country that has reduced the purchasing power of workers by 20%.

He assured the nation that the state is doing its best to arrest the situation to manageable levels in due course. He said that the government together with the stakeholders and major players in the economic sector were busy cobbling a way out in dealing with the situation and as early as the coming week, something would be in the offing to positively address the matter.


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