Senior Somali Police Officers Survive Bomb Attack Outside Mogadishu



Four senior Somali police officers including Hamarweyne Police Commissioner, Mohamed Khadar Hassan Mohamed survived a landmine explosion targeted to their vehicle as an attempt on their lives on Tuesday night, security sources told the Horn Globe News.

The blast which was a roadside mine went off as the convoy escorting the officers were passing through Sinka Dher neighborhood on the Afgoye-Mogadishu corridor arounf 12.p.m midnight on Tuesday.

Four soldiers were killed in the attack and two others were seriously injured. The injured officers were rushed to the hospital.

The officers were returning from a security operation outside the city when the attack targeted their convoy.

“The officers were sent for a secret operation outside the city but as they were returning from their duty, they were targeted with a huge landmine which seemed to be planted on the roadside by people who knew the officers’ movement,” said one security sources who asked anonymity as he was not authorized to speak to the media.

Other officers who survived included two police officers in-charge of counter-terror operations and one senior officer from the police command, the security sources added.

No group has yet claimed for the responsibility of the attack.

Landmine explosions have recently gone up on the road between Mogadishu and Afgoye costing many civilian lives.



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