QC provided clean water to over a million Somalis in 2018


Doha: Qatar Charity (QC) has implemented 421 water projects in Somalia last year as its contribution to help drought-hit communities, benefiting over one million people in the country.

This comes as part of QC’s efforts to enable poor and drought-affected communities to have access to safe water sources in their areas of origin by drilling surface and artesian wells and water pools.

Qatar Charity gives high priority to these projects, as they play a vital role in the fight against drought and thirst, as well as they help ease the hardship of the poor and the needy suffering in the way to find clean water.

Last year, Qatar Charity has drilled 44 artesian wells, 371 surface water wells, and six water pools in different governorates and regions of Somalia.

In 2018, more than one million people benefited from QC’s water projects including wells and pools, while the number of beneficiaries in 2017 was about 506,688 persons.

Abdel Nour Mirsal, director of the QC office in Somalia, said: “The provision of safe drinking water to thousands of Somalis, especially in remote areas of the country, is one of the top priorities of the office in order to contribute to the development of vulnerable communities in Somalia.”

Qatar Charity was one of the first humanitarian organisations, which made efforts for the development in Somalia and contributed to creating radical solutions to drought problems and meeting urgent needs in areas hit by successive humanitarian disasters such drought, desertification and malnutrition.

Qatar Charity carries out many other projects in Somalia, for example, service facilities such as schools, hospitals and clinics.



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