Puntland militia soldiers abandon barracks in nearby Tukaraq


Tukaraq– The militia soldiers from Puntland who have complained lack of salaries have abandoned the military bases nearby Tukaraq.

According to reports coming from Garowe confirmed yesterday that the first units of militia soldiers left from their barracks near Tukaraq which is a military station for Somaliland defense forces.

An emergency meeting was held organized by the defeated incumbent president and senior military officers of Puntland to resolve the crisis.

Mr. Gaas who was defeated in the recent presidential polls called on the militia soldiers to return to their bases.

The former president said that their concerns will be addressed.

The newly elected president of Puntland, Mr. Said Dani in an interview said that he does not recognize what is called on Somaliland.

He said that he will bring the control of regions belonging to Puntland which is under Somaliland’s control.



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