Mogadishu mayor restricts business at popular beach



The mayor of the Somali capital Mogadishu has imposed restrictions on business and entertainment activities at the popular Lido Beach.

Mayor Abdurahman Omar Osman alias Engineer Yarisow, said no activity would be allowed at the beach after midnight.

“Mogadishu municipality will not tolerate any business along Lido Beach remaining open after midnight,” read Mayor Osman’s statement on Thursday.

The diaspora

“We will counter anybody using banned substances like Shisha or any other mind stimulants that are banned by Islam,” it added.

Several clerics had complained that the youth, especially those returning from the diaspora, and who frequented Lido Beach, used all kinds of stimulants and engaged in immoral behaviour.

The restriction is likely to hit the business community hard. Many have invested millions of dollars to establish entertainment spots.

Central authority

The investors were lured by earlier requests from the government to provide the services to the beach goers.

For the war-torn Somalia, Lido Beach symbolises peace and tranquility, especially in the capital.

The Horn of Africa state, without a stable central authority since 1991, is regularly targeted by the Al-Shabaab militants, intent on overthrowing the government.

The East African


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