Kulmiye ruling party approves the organizing committee for holding the general assembly


By M.A.Egge

The ruling party Kulmiye national executive committee have confirmed a 14-member committee charged with the task of organizing it’s 4th General Congressional Meeting.

The announcement was made by the ruling party’s 2nd Vice Chairman Mr. Mohamed Abdideere on Friday evening after a meeting with Executive Committee.

He further confirmed that the meeting would be held in the early days of the month of June.

The following were confirmed as the organizing committee members:-

    1. Abdikarim Ahmed Mohamed
    2. Dr. Mohamed Ahmed Arabeyte
    3. Ahmed Farah Adare
    4. Ali Hamud Jibril
    5. Ali Mohamed Ali
    6. Ahmed Abdi Kijandhe
    7. Mohamed Abdillahi Absiye
    8. Mohamed Ibrahim Madar
    9. Ahmed Noor Faahiye
    10. Khadra Jama
    11. Mohamed Musa Abees
    12. Faisal Omar Madar
    13. Ismail Jama
  • Nasir Anjeeh Jama


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