Five Wells to Increase Water Expansion in Berbera



The Minister of Water Development Hon. Ali Hassan Mohamed (Ali Marrehaan), inaugurated five water wells in Kala-jab area of the Sahel region that is meant to increasing the water supply in Berbera city.

This water expansion project in Barwako village in Berbera is a collaboration between the ministry of water development, the local council of Berbera district and Sheikh Nayal Rashid Seyf, an Egyptian who donated to the project.

The minister likewise pointed out the fact that water supplying efforts are indeed going on both intensively and extensively all over the country.

He said, “It is not only the five wells, but up to 35 km of pipes, the five wells and their equipment will be connected to the expansion of water in the city of Berbera, and it is intended for the western part of the city, the airport and the nearby areas”.

He continued, “Berbera is an arterial city, it is a hot city, it is a city that needs a lot of water, not only people but a lot of animals leave there, many ships arrive, new buildings are being built, so it always needs water. In the country in general, a lot of water projects are presently going on”.


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