Central Bank governor awarded UK honourary Ph.D in Leadership


Central Bank Chairman Dr. Ali Abdillahi Dahir was awarded an honorary degree in philosophy of leadership Ph.D.

On Thursday, Somaliland Bank’s Board of Directors, Department Directors, Hargeisa Branch Managers, West Branch Supervisors, and some of the Bank’s staff organized the ceremony to celebrate the honorary degree given to the central bank governor.

The Director of Human Resources who made a statement said that they are working hard to improve the knowledge of the Central Bank’s staff.

The Chairman of the Central Bank, Mr. Ali Abdillahi Dahir, who was speaking on the achievements of his recently awarded Ph.D, said that it is an encouragement to the Central Bank, the directors and all staff.

Governor Ali urged the workers to strive to increase their knowledge, which will lead to the development of our country.

The Mastermind Business School in the United Kingdom in collaboration with the UAE University and the European Digital University in the United States after long evaluation gave him an “Honorable Doctor of Philosophy in Leadership” Ph.D.


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